QH level 1 December 3rd and 4th

Quantum Healing level 1
December   3rd & 4th   Saturday and Sunday    9am – 8pm    both days
Quantum Healing level 1 is a simple and effective way to improve your health, vitality, intuition and relationships. It can be learned by anyone. It is based on harmonic resonance and entrainment being applied to your body’s energy systems, and building a working relations ship with your energy systems. It allows you to achieve improvements in your own health and the health of others. Learn to build a relationship with your chakras to clear, align, activate and energize them, and raise your energy vibration enough to initiate physical healing in yourself and others. As a result your energy vibration is vastly raised; allowing you to learn how to use that higher vibration to help yourself and others. This seminar expands your conscious awareness and increase your ability to perceive the world around you. You will learn to notice imbalances in yourself as they occur, and learn how to correct those imbalances quickly and easily in yourself and others. And you will have fun.
You will receive a certificate denoting your ability to perform energy healing using the Quantum Healing methods. During this training you will experience enough practical applications of the techniques to gain a functional competence and confidence to work with others to improve their health.
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